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Wartburg Announces Refreshed Mission, Vision & Values Statements

Wartburg, a premier senior residential and healthcare provider in lower Westchester County, recently announced a change to its formal mission, vision and values statements, as well as the introduction of 2025 strategic goals. The purpose of the change is to propel Wartburg into their next phase of senior care and housing services.


Wartburg’s new mission statement: Wartburg enables seniors to live life to their fullest through excellence in healthcare and housing, which nurture body, mind and spirit.

Wartburg’s new vision statement: To become a national model for excellence in integrated senior healthcare and housing.


Rev. Amandus J. Derr is Chair Emeritus at Wartburg. According to Rev. Derr, “This is what we do every day; everyone contributes to this mission by either directly providing services or supporting those who do. The mission and vision 2025 are short, simple and direct.”


Values are the management and governance tools that serve as a screen to determine the worthiness, appropriateness, and robustness of operations. Values also provide the framework for policies and procedures, program delivery systems, communications, and fundraising strategies.


Wartburg’s new values statement. We believe…


• Wartburg is family, including those directly served, their families, the staff, benefactors and volunteers.


• All God’s people are worthy of care, compassion, honor and respect, especially seniors.


• The dedication of a diverse and caring staff makes Wartburg a standard of excellence.


• Collaboration and partnerships advance Wartburg’s mission and vision.

• Increased knowledge and innovation provide for a healthy environment for people to live and work.


• Financial stewardship and the highest ethical standards are essential in decision making.


“By approving new mission, vision and values statements and a new set of strategic goals, Wartburg seeks to focus with a renewed intentionality,” said Rev. Derr. “This is the first refresh of Wartburg’s mission, vision and values in more than 20 years.”


“I am extremely pleased to implement Wartburg’s new mission, vision and values statements and set of strategic goals,” said Dr. David J. Gentner, Wartburg President and Chief Executive Officer. “I’m particularly impressed with the inclusion of values related to collaboration and partnerships and, of course, the recognition of Wartburg’s diverse and caring staff.  This is an exciting moment in Wartburg’s continued evolution and the foundation from which we will continue to reach farther and be our absolute best in the years ahead.”