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Patty Pops Officially Opens on

Fifth Avenue

On December 14, Patty Lambrou along her fiance, Manos Kalognomas and sister Tina Catania (both pictured in the far right photo), officially opened Patty Pops at 321 Fifth Avenue in Pelham.


Village of Pelham Mayor Chance Mullen was on hand to assist Patty with the ribbon cutting. And of course, Santa paid a visit to the cake pop shop.


Patty Pops offers bite size cake balls, dipped in premium chocolate and topped with sprinkles and creative custom designs. In addition to the yummy pops, you can find a beautiful selection of ready-to-sell cakes, coffee and other delectable desserts. There are also vegan options available. Gluten free selection are coming.


Have your custom pops, tiered cakes, cupcakes and more designed to perfection. There are also treats such as chocolate covered cookies, pretzels and rice krispie treats. Party packages are also available.


Visit pattypops.com and follow them on Instagram and Facebook. Phone: 347-409-3084.